As part of your Managed BIM Server hosted on vbim, we install and maintain backup software on the Windows Server to regular backup the BIM Server data. We backup a couple of times per day and have incorporate version retention (meaning we can pull up previous versions of any PLN files hosted on the BIM Server).

As for backing up locally, because the backup software is installed on the server in the cloud, we would not be able to backup locally because we couldn’t send the data from the cloud to your office. However, the BIM Server is hosting your PLN files that were originally uploaded from your local ArchiCAD application. This means that for every computer in your firm that syncs with the BIM Server in the cloud, each and every ArchiCAD user in your firm already has a copy of the same PLN files locally. Simply speaking, the same data on the BIM Server is synced with every commit at your office on each ArchiCAD workstation. Whatever is stored up in the BIM Server is the same data that is stored on every workstation at your firm (5 architects = 5 backups of the BIM Server data). It is very common to replace corrupt PLN files on the BIM Server with local PLN files on an ArchiCAD client.